Final Post of the School Year :(

Bonjour Mes Amis!

Sad to say, this is the last post of the school year. I’ve had a lot of fun writing these, answering questions, and reading all of your posts as well. My teacher gave us three end of the year questions to answer: what was your favourite part of 2016 or your most memorable moment? What is an area where you demonstrated improvement and how? What are your hopes and goals for next year? In the next paragraph I will show you my answers that I came up with. Please enjoy!

My favourite part of 2015 and 2016 is talking with my friends and experiencing grade 7. It is my favourite year so far! I loved Muskoka Woods and meeting new people, doing things I never thought I would. During the school year, I had many laughs and sometimes, I would laugh so hard that I’d cry. One time, my friend Emma ( didn’t want her Hot Rod so she offered it to anyone who wanted it. Kara ( and I both wanted it so, Emma dropped it in the middle of the desks and whoever got it first, could eat it. Kara got a hold of it first and I went to grab it out of her hand. The only problem was that I had a banana in my other hand and when she hit my hand out of the way, it flew through the sky and slapped the ground. We both laughed so hard, we were crying. WE COULDN’T BREATHE!!!!! It was so funny. This was one of the most memorable moments of grade 7 and there is many more but this was one of my favourites.

An area where I demonstrated improvement is in football because I have got better when it comes to catching and throwing it. It is good to improve on things because you can look back at the beginning of the year, compared to now. I think, as the school year went on, I improved on my organization in my work AND in my desk. My parents have also noticed a change in my room and work around home too. I have improved it football. I got the winning catch in the semi-finals so now the team gets to play in the finals. It wasn’t just me though, the whole team did their part to get here. Great job everyone! The BIG thing I improved in was my organization. Sometimes I feel like I have O.C.D. I can look back at what I used to be like, compared to today, laugh at myself and feel like I did a good job!

My hopes and goals for next year is to get great marks on my report card and to learn the Pythagorean Theorem. I can’t wait for it. Next year is grade 8 and I can’r wait for graduation and the end of the year trip. It’ll be great to be the oldest kids in the school and be a role model for everyone. I hope that next year is amazing or even better than this year.

Thank you for reading this post. Please leave positive comments, I love hearing your feedback. I’ve so much fun writing all these posts and I can’t wait for the next school year!

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A Letter to the Future (Week 9: Activity 1)

Hello People,

Sadly, this is the second last week of the Student Blogging Challenge so, I am writing a letter to my future self. The activity was to write about my future so, I am going to write about what job I want, where I want to live and other future topics. Here it goes!

Dear Future Me,

I’ve always thought about what I’d be like. How much does my personality change? When I move, where to? I know it’s going to be hard to let go of family and friends when I leave but, no matter where they are, I can always keep in touch through phone, emails, letters and other ways that will be invented then. When I leave, a journey will end but, a new one will begin. There is always going to be new adventures, different choices that can lead me to a who
le new lifestyle. Sometimes, I’ll make the wrong choice, it probably will be hard to get through but, in the end, I know I will. I really hope I become an amazing artists who can become famous and inspire others to try their hardest and make amazing pieces. What art pieces am I working on? Right now, I am drawing our cousin Kayla. I have a  lot of people to draw so I got to get it finished! I can’t wait to look at this in the future and see how I used to write compared to when I read this. Thanks for reading!


2016 me.

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Commenting (Week 8)

Hello Fellow Bloggers!

This week, for the Student Blogging Challenge, I have commented on three different posts of people from different countries. I think this is a great activity to do because you can interact with others and make an on-line friendship. In the next three paragraphs, I have wrote about the comments I posted and who I commented on. I will leave a link to each blog account so you can visit them yourself.

The first person I commented on was Brianne ( I commented on her Avatar Post (Week #1 of the Student Blogging Challenge). The reason I commented on her post is because I want to learn about people and become on-line friends like I was talking about earlier. I also liked her post because she compared herself to an animal (a monkey), and described why she was like one. Brianne used a photo that related to her post (three monkey emojis) as well. This is why I commented on Brianne’s blog post.

The next person I commented on was Ms. Ashurst ( I commented on her post of an art piece with her class. It was called the Biomes Project. Looking at all the different art pieces that the kids did made me want to do my own. It’s great that the students could have fun and use their imagination towards the pieces. They were very creative and colourful. Lots of different, vibrant colours were included.

Last but not least, I commented on Mrs. Vazquez’ s post ( She posted about her class doing an art piece by melting crayons onto a canvas. This idea was very creative and they used lots of different colours. They called it the Magical Melting Art which, I think, is a very nice title. They also definitely used their imaginations too.

Thank you all for reading this post of the three people I commented on. Please leave comments on my post if you did this activity too and tell me who you commented on. Have a nice day and happy blogging!

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Calming Poem (Week 7: Activity 8)


This week, for the Student Blogging Challenge, we had to pick three topics from eight choices and write about them. This is my third one. I have to write a poem about this relaxing photo I chose. It’s a picture of a towel, rocks and a flower. There is some candles in the water, floating. Candles are relaxing because the smell is calming and the flicker of the light. Looks like a fun spa day to me! Here it is:

Candle, candle shining bright;

for the dark to prevent fright.

Towel, towel keep me dry;

in the pool when floating by.

Stones, stones in the way,

for kids to play with on a beautiful day.

Flower, flower nice and lovely;

great for painting artistically.

Spa, spa stop, sit back;

take a minute, just relax.

I hope you all enjoy my poem about spa day. I wrote two lines for each object in the photo, not the background though. I know the line for the flower isn’t very good but, it was hard to find a rhyme with lovely that still went with the rest of the poem. Thank you for reading it and please leave positive comments on what you do to relax. Maybe even write me a poem. What is your favourite scent of candle? I love apple spice candles because they remind me of fall. All the leaves change colour, lots to play in, it’s just so fun! I hope you all have a great day!

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Game Survey (Week 7: Activity 7)

Hey People,

Today, for the Student Blogging Challenge, we get to post about games. We get to choose three activities of our choice, from the options and write about them. This is my second post and I am surveying my class of what type of board games they like to play.
Apples to Apples: Emma H., Nolan, Sophie, Colby, Abby, Bree, Sarah

Monopoly: Oscar, Ethan, Tess, Tia, Sabine, Micheal L., Josh, Natasha, Star

BackgammonClue: Emma B., Madison, Kara, Brent

Sorry: Emily

Chess: Holly, Gordon, Cole, Micheal E.

Checkers: Andrew, Jonathan

Other: Brady, Julian, Shaunee, Ben, Nathan, Chelsea

Thank you for reading my post, please leave positive comments about what your favourite game is. What games do you enjoy playing with friends? What about with your family?

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No Electricity! (Week 7: Activity 6)

Welcome World, 

This week, for the Student Blogging Challenge, we get to post three posts; picking a topic out of eight. For my first post, I am writing about what I would do if the power went out. What games would  I play? How would I relax? What would change in my lifestyle?

If the power went out, I would probably read a book. I find reading very relaxing and it gets my mind off of things I don’t want to think about. How would I see? I would use a flash light or burn a candle. My dad has these reading lights where you put them around your neck. There is a light on each end that you can change the brightness of them. After I read, I would go outside on my scooter, bike or roller blades. It is very fun and keeps you healthy. After that, I would go inside and play games with my family like Monopoly, Life or Memory. I love to play Solitaire as well. My favourite past time is drawing, not including going outside. I would definitely draw for a while. A lot of these activities are relaxing and fun. They would for sure keep me busy during a power out!

Thank you for reading my post. Please comment what you would do if there was a power out. What have you done in previous power outs? How long did they last?

Commenting in Different Countries (Week 6, Activity 4)

Hey People,

This post, for the Student Blogging Challenge, we had to comment on people’s posts from different countries. After that, I get to pick one of the comments and post in on my blog. I chose a kid named Noah from Mexico. He posted his diary at school and expressed his feeling very well. I hope you enjoy!

Hello Noah,
This is Holly here. Your post was very interesting. I like how you expressed your feeling by using all capitals. I am from Canada I see you are from Mexico. How is it there? Do you enjoy all the warm weather? Here in Canada, we have warm days but, we also have FREEZING days where we have to wear our coats in the house. I like the cold weather because I can play in the snow with friends and family. What’s your favourite season? I like all seasons. When it’s one season, I always wish for the next one to come. Thanks for sharing your post with me. Have a nice day!

Thanks to all for reading this post. I really hope you enjoyed and encouraged you to talk to people around the world. You never know, you just might make a new friend!

Food Survey (Week 6, Activity 3)

Hey Everyone,

For the Student Blogging Challenge, as well as writing about foods in our country, we had to make a survey for all of you. To make your own survey, click this link and it will take you to Google Forms:

Thank you for reading my post and answering my survey. I hope you enjoyed it! Please leave positive comments and tell me what your favourite foods are if they were not on the survey. Goodbye!

Canadian Food (Week 6: Activity 1)

Hey People,

For this week in the Student Blogging Challenge, we get to write about different foods in our country. There are different foods that are not in some countries but are in another. They may be in other places but, they were first made in a certain country. For example, maple syrup is from Canada but, it is still in other countries. Or in Italy, spaghetti was made there but is here in Canada. My blog is about different foods that were first made in Canada.

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup was first made in Canada. It is made from a maple tree in a forest called a  Sugarbush. They put buckets on the tree so the sap of it goes into the bucket. This is called tapping. In springtime, when the nights are still cold, water from the soil is absorbed into the maple tree. During the day, the warmer temperature creates pressure that pushes the water back down to the bottom of the tree, making it easy to collect the sap. The sap is gathered over 12 to 20 days, usually between March and April. Any maple tree that’s about 8 inches in diameter or more can be tapped. It is allowed to tap larger trees more than once during maple harvest season, up to a maximum of three taps per tree and season. Tapping does not affect the growth of maple trees.  After harvesting in the woods, the sap is transported to a sugar house where it boils into real maple syrup. During cooking, pipes bring sap to a long pan called an evaporator. As it boils, water evaporates and the sap becomes denser and sweeter. It boils until it reaches the thickness of maple syrup. After evaporation, the finished products get bottled or canned, and are shipped to the store.


It’s no secret that Canadian’s are obsessed with bacon. The delicious pork product can be made in so many ways, including the ever popular strip bacon and peameal bacon, often referred to as “Canadian bacon”. Bacon is a meat product prepared from a pig and usually cured. It is first cured using large amounts of salt. Fresh bacon may then be further dried for weeks or months in cold air, or it may be boiled or smoked. Then it is packaged and sent to the store.

Butter Tarts

A butter tart is a Canadian dessert made with butter, sugar, syrup and eggs. They are filled in a pastry shell, filled with either raisins or nuts. They can be runny or firm so they are hard to mess up when you are baking them.

Kraft Dinner

Yes, Kraft Dinner is also Canadian. This processed-cheese is a Canadian classic. If you haven’t tried a bowl of the instant comfort food yet, I recommend skipping the milk and going straight for the butter.

These few foods were all made in Canada but, are most likely in other countries. There are lots more such as Ketchup Chips and Oysters. Kinder Eggs are actually not made in Canada but, will not be found in the United States. If you enjoyed my post, please leave a comment on what your favourite food is. Thank you for your time, Goodbye!



Jigsaw Puzzle (Week 5: Activity 11)

Hello People,

This week for the Student Blogging Challenge, I have made a jigsaw puzzle for you all to solve. It is a photo I took three years ago of a bee on a flower in our garden. click here to solve my jigsaw puzzle.

The reason I chose the photo I did, is because it is now spring and flowers are starting to bloom. We will soon be seeing insects like bees around. This photo reminds me of summer and the warm weather.

To create your own jigsaw puzzle go to After you get to the website, in the top left corner of the screen, there is a choice to create new. Click the link and it will take you to a page where you can pick a photo on your computer to use as a puzzle photo. Then, select the options you want for your puzzle like, the puzzle piece shape, how many pieces and more. After that, click done. It will then take you to a page where your puzzle is. Have fun and solve it. You can also solve other puzzles by clicking the pictures below your puzzle or clicking home on the top left corner. To solve a puzzle click the piece you want to move and bring it to another piece. Put it in the fitting place. If it fits, the two pieces will be permanently stuck together. If it does not fit, the two pieces will not stick together and when you drag them, only the one your mouse is on will move. Highlight several pieces by clicking a blank spot and dragging your mouse over several pieces. This will move more than one piece at the same time. You will know it is highlighted because the piece will turn red. This is how you create and solve puzzles. It is fun to do and make some for your friends and family to enjoy.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Please leave positive comments about my puzzle and what you enjoyed most. Comment the link of your own puzzle if you want me to solve it. Have a great day!